4 Ways Your Food Safety Program Can Create a Positive ROI

Perhaps you’ve been looking at food safety incorrectly all this time? It’s more than simply a matter of adhering to the rules. This isn’t a separate division of your business. It’s not a to-do list with boxes to be checked off as you go along. Food safety is important to protecting a company’s brand image and hence to its financial success. If your solutions are effective in ensuring food safety, your organization will see an increase in return on investment (ROI).

Have the financial concerns about the implementation of food safety software prevented you from making the change? Do you fear that the investment will not be repaid? If you don’t implement food safety software, you’re jeopardizing the organization’s bottom line by losing out on more profitable opportunities.

To learn more about the actual return on investment (ROI) of food safety software, read on.

Lower Recall Rates

A product contamination-related recall costs on average over ten million dollars. You may be looking at tens of millions of dollars in additional costs if all the costs associated with a recall are taken into consideration. Consider the following high-cost elements:

  • Process of information exchange along the supply chain
  • It is necessary to retrieve and properly dispose of the recalled merchandise.
  • waste of time and resources in the manufacture of a useless good
  • An investigation into the reasons for the recall is underway.
  • remedial measures are put in place to avoid a repeat
  • Litigation fees are a possibility.
  • Possible reduction in revenue, harm to reputation, and handling of brand crises

Even a single food recall may do irreparable damage to your company’s reputation and bottom line. Customers may alter their buying, food preparation, and consumption habits in the months and years after the recall, or they may avoid your product altogether.

Identifying food safety non-compliances as early as possible and acting on them can help your company avoid costly product recalls. You invest in your brand, customer trust, and your company’s long-term profitability when you use food safety software to reduce the danger and frequency of food recalls. Keep your bottom line safe by nurturing relationships with your customers that keep them coming back for more. That’s a return on investment (ROI) that’s well worth the initial software investment.

Improvements in Business Practices

Failure to adopt and enhance one’s processes in the food production industry might have dire consequences. With antiquated manual processes, you’ll be significantly behind and have a hard time achieving your company objectives. A plan for simplifying processes and generating efficiency is critical for reaching the greatest levels of profitability.

Automation and progress in food safety are fueled by food safety software.

A significant return on investment (ROI) may be realized by streamlining food safety operations, including cleaning and testing, documentation, and audit preparation. Slow, manual labor and human mistake are costly in terms of both time and resources.

Implementing a food safety software system has the following benefits in terms of reducing costs:

  • Preventative controls and testing are automatically scheduled to keep compliance and contamination prevention operations on track
  • Faster spotting and handling of problems that call for remedial action
  • more efficient sharing of information throughout divisions, resulting in less work being done twice
  • Having the ability to evaluate food safety performance and efficacy to make operational modifications as necessary

Reduced Payroll Costs

A well-coordinated food safety program requires a lot of paperwork and file storage for critical things like your food safety strategy, HACCP/HARPC, SOPs, routine testing results, investigative testing findings, and corrective action reports. It will take hours of labor to handle everything using antiquated paper-based techniques (not to mention an excess of administrative supplies).

But if you use food safety software to simplify and automate these processes, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. No additional human resources are required since the program maintains and organizes all of your records digitally in a single centralized database.

The audit process is one area where this is very crucial to keep in mind. Food producers can save a significant amount of time and money by reducing the number of compliance audits required. Audit preparation may be time-consuming and difficult if you don’t have simple access to the data you need. The good news is that you may save money by eliminating the need for additional staff hours by using software that creates what you need in record speed.

Analytical Reporting and Monitoring in Progression

You spend a lot of time and effort using the standard data collecting technique acquiring data, documenting your findings, and analyzing them. Does your company as a whole benefit from this data and increase profitability? What’s the status of the investigation? Even if it is, can you see it?

Every decision and action you take in your company’s food safety department depends on the data and analysis you provide. If you have the proper software, you can keep track of your complete testing program, make educated judgments about corrective and preventative measures, produce audit trails and reports, and record every compliance effort.

Take a look at the potential profits you might achieve if you had access to powerful tools that provide industry-standard and customized reports, allow you to look at outcomes in the floor plant to identify trends or gaps, and utilize a powerful filtering engine to segment your data.

When you invest in food safety software, you’ll get a clearer, more comprehensive picture of your food safety strategy, allowing your organization to operate on solid facts. Challenges and errors may be found and fixed more rapidly with significant insight, saving you a considerable lot of money on risk factors and other expenditures.

Don’t allow irrational concerns about the value of a food safety software solution to prevent you from realizing a game-changing return on your investment. By automating your manufacturing process, you’ll save both time and money. Use our free ROI calculator to find out how much.


In the absence of superior food safety software, your company might have to face a variety of significant expenditures, such as:

  • Serious violations of compliance
  • Devastating damage to brand equity.
  • Inability to save money via better procedures, increased efficiency, and increased production
  • A drop in sales as a result of customer distrust and food recalls
  • Stagnation in a dynamic market

The truth is that these costs greatly outweigh the benefits of using food safety software.

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