5 Best Markdown Plugins for WordPress

5 Best Markdown Plugins for WordPress

If you want to write web content quickly and efficiently, Markdown is essential. Through Markdown, you can write content easily, read content easily, and convert to HTML in a fast manner. Several writers and bloggers are using Markdown to write content without any complications or exhausting code. In reality, there are several benefits of using Markdown for writers and bloggers. 

But, WordPress can’t support Markdown by default. In this regard, you have two options, either you can convert Markdown to the HTML or can use a plugin. However, there are several types of plugins available but some of them are best. Here are the five best Markdown plugins for WordPress you should know:

1. WP Github MD

It is known as a one-stop solution that works through GitHub Flavoured Markdown. This plugin offers spelling check, preview pane, pasting of the image, and converting HTML to Markdown. Through this plugin, you can easily enable or disable Markdown for each post. A toolbar is also offered by this plugin which contains headers, lists, images, formatting, links, and so on. Also, experts at a reputed Web Development Company in Noida use this plugin due to its continuous update.

2. Jetpack

Usually, Jetpack is famous all over the whole world. It helps to provide self-hosted installations for WordPress. Also, it includes Markdown and follows the rule of CommonMark syntax. Under this plugin, Markdown is important to be activated manually through settings. LaTex is best for writing mathematical formulas along with equations. With the help of Block Editor or Classic Editor, you can create or edit the posts in Markdown. Unluckily, there is no syntax or Markdown preview pane offered by this plugin.

3. Import Markdown

On a serious note, this is not a Markdown editor. But, you can import your Markdown files into WordPress. Usually, Markdown is translated and retained as HTML. You may also notice that different types of Markdown are supported. However, you can select any of the five parsers as per our requirements. Furthermore, you can contact the representatives of a web designing company in Delhi to avail better assistance in this regard.

4. WP Editor.md

Indeed, it is known as the Markdown editor of WordPress. It includes syntax along with a preview pane. However, it includes small documentation and resembles the interface of WP Githuber MD. To save and audit the content, this plugin uses the module of Markdown from Jetpack. Designers and other allied professionals at a web designing company in Noida use this kind of plugin. Additionally, it also converts the posts to HTML in the same format. 

5. Iceberg

Lastly, it is also one of the best and effective Markdown plugins for WordPress. In other words, Iceberg is a unique, distinctive, and adjustable writing editor. The main objective of this plugin is to craft the posts in Markdown through the block editor of WordPress. The best part is that this plugin allows bloggers and writers to write content within the block editor of WordPress. It makes you feel more natural compared to working with blocks. 


Fortunately, above is the shortlist of Markdown plugins for WordPress. The reason is that several plugins were closed due to specific reasons. When you are searching for Markdown plugins, you need to know about the plugins to avoid. PrettyPress, Typewriter, Markdown QuickTags, Easy Markdown, etc are examples of the plugins to be avoided. Hence, it is important to research whole things before getting plugins.

However, the above are the most reliable, flexible, and effective Markdown plugins for WordPress. Through these amazing plugins, you can easily connect Markdown to WordPress. The features, way of working and technologies make the above plugins so popular across the world. As per your suitability, you can choose any Markdown plugins for WordPress.

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