Best Aluminum & Glass Sliding windows in Lahore

If your home already has a breathtaking view, sliding picture windows can be a great addition to the overall decor. But, if there is nothing to murmur about this scene, then these windows are necessary! Modern metros and mini-metros lack space, forcing homeowners to find ways to improve the space by opening sliding windows. These structures maximize space without opening in or out. They are sliding to give the room a pile of natural light.

Aluminum & Glass Sliding windows can be installed in different dimensions and types. For example, sliding French windows open small rooms, sliding picture windows bring in the outside, and sliding horizontal windows provide ventilation with a certain degree of privacy. In addition, these designs come in a variety of materials that make it difficult for buyers to choose.

Select the right sliding window

Start by zeroing in on a particular type of window design. Say, you choose to slide French windows for your bedroom and Drawing room. After all, sliding window frames should complement the interior decoration of your home.

Here’s a guide that can help you choose the right type of sliding window based on the type of content. These materials are often readily available and come in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Wooden sliding windows

The aesthetic appeal of wood frames is hard to beat. Most people choose this beautiful and expensive option purely because it significantly enhances the decor of their home. This material can take any standard room of your house and give it an artistic expression. Wooden framed Aluminum & Glass Sliding windows may be a traditional option but they are quite versatile for modern home interiors.

Before choosing wooden sliding windows, ask your fenestration specialist about the seasonal fluctuations they have taken to protect the material and increase its lifespan. When designing a sliding Window, you can also choose from both hardwood and softwood options. Hardwood, of course, costs more and can be eliminated naturally. Softwood costs less but requires protection from paint or wood finishes.

Vinyl sliding windows

This material is a perfect combination of performance and aesthetics. Plasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is less in care and more on aesthetic appeal. uPVC frames combined with the right type of glazing provide thermal comfort, insulation, and noise reduction. 

The strength of this material comes from the formation of a vinyl polymer bound to chlorine atoms. Vinyl frames are not made of plastic at all and are in their material league. They are available in many colors and finishes that last for many years. Whether you choose a sliding French window or a picture window with uPVC frames, you can be sure of its longevity.

Metal sliding windows

Most modern metal frame windows are made of aluminum because they are lightweight, recyclable, easy to maintain, and can support a wide range of glass extensions. These frames are naturally stable and can be thinned to increase the area of ​​the glass pan inside the window. 

This feature makes aluminum sliding windows a great choice for incorporating natural light into any room of your home. If you are worried about corrosion, don’t worry! Modern aluminum window frames come with a special coating that makes them rust-free and more durable. For best results, combine aluminum frames with double-glazed hard glass.

Other materials famous in Pakistan

You can also use multiple materials to Aluminum & Glass Sliding windows frames. For example, wooden frames can be used to enhance the decoration inside a window, while UPVC frames can be installed on the exterior of these windows. This technique will not only save the wood in case of heavy rains but also reduce the overall cost of maintenance. With the right finish, these frames take the form of wood. They are structurally durable, moisture-resistant, and have useful insulation properties.

Bottom lines

Now that you have weighed the pros and cons of the above-mentioned content, deciding which type of sliding window to use will not be more difficult. However, it is always recommended to seek the opinion of an expert. If you are looking for someone, refer to AIS Glass experts. We offer a wealth of window designs and materials to suit your specifications. Our team of experts provides 360-degree solutions, from site evaluation to product selection to installation, even after-sales support.

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