How AI Can Help Students To Increase Their Learning?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the main factors that bring growth and innovation across many industries including the education Industry. Thanks to AI, students across the globe not only have better access to education but they can also personalize it according to their requirements and it also increase interaction with other students worldwide. 

In this post, you will get to know how AI can help students enhance their learning skills and AI tools that help enhance these skills.

Role Of AI In Increasing Students Learning

More Personalized Tutoring:

As a student, sometimes you may fail to understand a lesson being taught. You may not catch up with what the professor or the teacher is saying because of losing concentration during the lesson. Given the large classrooms with a lot of students, the professor can not give individual attention to each student. So what should you do to understand the topics that you did not pay attention to in your lessons, without seeming dull-wited?

Artificial intelligence has the answer for this – with the help of crowd-sourced tutoring from professionals and senior students you can solve this problem. Students can get connected to AI-powered chatbots and AI personal assistants. This way you can prevent yourself from being embarrassed when asking for help in front of your peers, without compromising on their grades and achievements. 

Mika is an app that was created for the sole purpose of providing personalized tutoring to students using AI technology, as within the app you get to learn from a personalized virtual tutor. Thanks to AI, tutoring has gotten much affordable and accessible.

AI can also fill the gaps in subject areas in which a teacher does not have particular experience or expertise. It can help train teachers when there is a skill shortage in the job market. As the supply of good quality teachers increases, a better learning experience is guaranteed for the students.

Learning With Better Pace:

Each student learns differently, for years it has been known that there is no one size fits all approach towards teaching a lesson. It is impossible to incorporate every existing learning style into the lessons while maintaining a perfect pace for the students. 

The teachers have to engage with fast learners but they can not leave slow learners behind. As the number of students increases in a lecture, it gets more difficult to come up with a learning style that caters to all of them.

Gladly, Artificial intelligence can help to set a perfect pace for each student which its individualized program students can move at their own speed. Particularly because the maturity levels and attention spans of each student are different. Using an individualized program allows you to explore academics at a comfortable rate. Hence, learning does not get overwhelming or frustrating for you.

Presents Material In Understandable Terms:

Students who have learning disabilities, often face difficulty in reading and understanding an advanced text. They are unable to follow complex sentence structures or they find themselves struggling to understand popular idioms. 

Researchers have finally created AI texts that can make these harder texts into more understandable ones. They create a simple sentence or replace it with more readable ones. Grammarly is one of the well-known software which corrects its users’ phrases to more simple and readable ones. This way it is a little easier for students with learning disabilities to comprehend the text.

Visual Aid:

As discussed above every student has a different style of learning, that works the best for them. With the help of AI, students who learn through visual sources get to benefit a lot. 

When a professor is making a presentation for his students he can use the AI feature in the theme ideas of Microsoft Powerpoint, known as “Designer”. This AI chooses the most suitable theme according to text, crops images. It automatically suggests relevant icons and high-quality images relevant to text which are available for commercial use.

With having all the relevant data required for the presentation students can get a better understanding of their study area.

Production Of Smart Content:

Digital lessons:

Students can use digital methods of learning – interfaces with customization options, digital textbooks, study guides, and much more all because of the help of AI.

Information visualization:

AI had powered various new ways of perceiving information through visualization, simulations, and web-based study groups  – where you can study with people from all around the world if you are used to being able to concentrate in a classroom setting.

Learning content updates:

AI helps in generating and updating the content of the lessons, keeping the information up to date, and customizing it for different learning curves. You can use digital calendars planners and calenders to send you reminders of your classes and homework, this makes monitoring your progress as a student easy. Which in turn helps you to identify areas of the subject you are weak at so you can focus on them more.

Getting Academic Help:

As a student which is pursuing his higher education, you may need essay help in multiple university essay assignments. Luckily, AI has got you covered here because AI tools not only help save your time but also reduce human error in your essay.

There are  websites that write essays using AI technology that can be accessed without much effort such as a freely accessible interface based on GPT-2 text generator which was released by Open AI. You can get access to its limited version and use it for your essays.

Student Support:

Through using the predictive analytics feature that AI provides, higher educational institutes can make early warning systems, analyze a wide range of academic – non-academic, and operational data. This data can help them to identify students who are at risk of failing, dropping out, or have any mental health issues. Such issues are obstacles in a proper learning experience, once the solutions to these problems are provided to the students, they can solely focus on their studies.

Conventionally, a university would use a few blunt factors such as GPA and class attendance to monitor the number of students at risk. Whereas AI uses more detailed and uniform patterns of information for example  – student behavior for real-time and up-to-the-minute monitoring of student risk. It makes the data acquired from it much more accurate.

Content Technologies:

This company customizes your textbooks according to your preferred learning style. Cram101 transforms a textbook into a study guide, and JusttheFacts101 produces summaries on the spot.


This social learning platform connects students from all over the world and enables them to explore questions and concepts together on topics they are well-versed with.

Thinskster Math:

This browser-based app applies machine learning and AI to analyze student achievement on math problems. When students solve problems through the app, it tracks each step and then delivers progress reports regarding how students handled tasks, like long division or multiplication.


This language-learning app uses AI to help anyone progressively enhance their language skills. The learners fill different quizzes and as they succeed Duolingo adapts and evolves, giving them tests to enhance their language speaking skills. it comes in handy if you are studying a different language as a subject.


Now that you know how AI helps enhance your learning and provides tools that you can use to spped up and facilitate the learning process. Its time foryou to unlock doors with to advanced learning with the help of technologies, such as Artificial intelligence. 

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