Increase In The Number Of Jobs In Construction Industry

The construction industry is flourishing and experts predict growth to continue further. The Bureau Of Labour Statistics predicts the construction field to be one of the fastest-growing industries. Indeed, there are many construction training which helps you get into the skilled trades industry. First, however, you will need to enroll yourself in the construction training today.

Construction has a 4.5% projected growth rate over several years, making construction staffing the leading wage and employment growth industry.

What Is The Best Career Opportunities In Construction

Here are the most influential jobs within the development industry. The assorted jobs within the construction field for civil and other engineers.

  •   Architect

 An architect is a person who designs, oversees, and plans the development of buildings. To practice architecture means producing services about the planning and construction of buildings.

  The average salary for an architect within the UK is £28,271, though this will vary widely.

  •  Project Controller

The project management profession will probably outperform the overall global job growth over the upcoming years. This will create the latest job opportunities with highly competitive positions. If you desire to become a project controller, there are many trade schools for construction today! 

  •  AUTO-CAD Technician

 As a CAD or software technician, you’ll use software to make design plans for buildings and machinery. You may add a good range of industries from engineering and construction to manufacturing.

 CAD Technician salary ranges from $46,172 to $58,345, with an average base salary of $51,570.

  •  Contracts Manager

 Construction managers assist in obtaining building contracts. They also help to manage costs and keep construction projects. Moreover, there are many masonry courses which help to excel your working as a contractor manager. 

Besides, the project can include everything from commercial and residential developments to road and rail engineering works.

An immediate career Contracts Manager with 2-3 years of practice earns a median total salary of $34,500 to $163,000.

  •  Design engineer

 Design engineers research and develop ideas for brand spanking new products, and therefore the systems want to make them. They also work to enhance the performance and efficiency of existing products. An entry-level Design Engineer with 1-year experience can expect to earn a mean total compensation between $113,216 and $152,999.

  •  Site Manager

 A civil site manager will manage a construction project, help with technical advice, and supervise other staff members. Many masonry classes help you get more into this field. The work is varied as projects can range from large-scale development to a replacement shopping complex. An immediate career Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) with 2-3 of expertise earns median total earnings of   $48,500 per year.

  •  Structural Engineer

Structural engineers plan, design, analyze, and fundamental research components to attain design goals. Further, they make sure the safety and luxury of users or occupants. Their work mainly considers safety, technical, economic, and environmental concerns, but they’ll also consider aesthetic and social factors.

Job prospects Of Construction Industry

Experienced construction workers and new entrants who opted for construction apprenticeship programs or prior military service, should get the best of job prospects. Conversely, occupations with several training needs are likely to have increased competition and less favorable job prospects.

 Nonetheless, the number of job openings in the construction trade may fluctuate from year to year. New construction is regularly cut back when the economy is not expanding or interest rates are high.


Today, construction workers are fulfilling their duties and serving the entire country as a whole too. Therefore, respect and a decent salary are a guarantee when you enter this field. In addition, individuals may need to opt for construction training to keep pace with the fast-track environment. 

 You can bag a good job role with an impressive salary if you join a certified construction training program! Today, many successful alumni work in Northeast Philadelphia, South West Philadelphia, Drexel Hill, PA; Maple Shade, NJ; and Haddonfield, NJ.

If you plan to head into the construction world, then Philadelphia Technician Training Institute is the best. First, get into any of the above-listed top jobs in the construction industry and make your career rewarding. After choosing a job type, you can choose PTTI to enrich your skills.

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