M 2 Cricbuzz – How HTML, CSS, and Javascripts Speed Up the Page Load

This article covers the M 2 Cricbuzz. It also includes HTML, CSS, and Javascripts. These three elements are important for making the site look good. In addition, they are important for speeding up the page load. But before diving into the details, let’s see how to get started.

M 2 Cricbuzz

M 2 Cricbuzz is a social networking site that offers a variety of content for cricket fans. It features new challenges, updates about the cricket world, and talks. It has even recorded a rap song to hype up the upcoming IPL 2020 season. The site is also available for Android, iOS, and other mobile devices.

The site’s revenue model revolves around advertisements. Advertisements appear on the site through the use of Google AdSense and In-Mobile, which are companies that provide advertisements on the site. CricBuzz also has a partnership with InMobi, an advertising company, which helps it to get paid for the content it provides.


Cricbuzz is a website and mobile app that specializes in cricket news. The site is owned by Times Internet and offers news, articles, and live coverage of all cricket matches. It also has videos, text commentary, and team and player rankings. Its mobile app has become one of the most popular in India.


A website’s CSS can help speed up the load time. One way to do this is by minimizing HTML content. HTML can be minified by the server, and the most common way to do this is through GZIP, which compresses content to a smaller size and reduces the amount of data traveling over the network. This page uses GZIP to reduce its HTML code to 22.6 kB, which is 73% smaller than its original size. Another way to speed up the website’s loading time is by optimizing images. The images on M 2 Cricbuzz have been optimized to reduce the file size.


One of the ways to improve the performance of a website is to reduce the number of assets requested. One way to achieve this is to combine multiple JavaScript and CSS files into a single one. This will reduce the number of requests made by the browser from four to one, and will also speed up page loading.


If you’re having trouble loading a website, it may be because your site’s code is not cached. You can check this by using the browser’s “request header” property. If it says no cache, then your website is not caching its ajax requests.

Image requests

The Cricbuzz website has a system for processing image requests. The server can minify the HTML code, which in turn can reduce the amount of data traveling through the network. The Cricbuzz site uses GZIP for this purpose, which can save up to 58.1 kB or 77% of the original size. Image size optimization also improves website speed. Live Cricbuzz images are well optimized.

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