Masako Katsura: Meet The Enigmatic ‘First Lady Of Billiards’

During the 1950s the 1950s, a Japanese lady called Masako Katsura overwhelmed the billiards world and turned into a commonly recognized name her in a game that was generally male-ruled.

The Wing/TwitterMasako Katsura was the principal female to play on the world Billiards stage, which made her legend.

The year 1952 saw the defending champ of Billiards Willie Hoppe confronted a phenomenal rival: a female. Masako Katsura had not even been brought into the world at the time Hoppe was the victor of his most memorable big showdowns, which he won in 1951 nonetheless, she before long made her name in Japan.

What’s more, Katsura was soon a worldwide sensation, bringing many years of involvement playing pool in Tokyo’s corridors to the global stage being the first lady to play universally in quite a while.

For American Pool players in the US, Katsura appeared to emerge from flimsy air. While the press was excited at the outfits of Katsura and the uniqueness that a lady could play the players respected her abilities.

It is the story of how during the 50s Masako Katsura acquired the title of First Woman of Billiards since she broke the orientation obstructions in the game that was so famous.

Who was Masako Katsura?

Masako Katsura was 14 when she started playing Pool. Brought into the world in Tokyo on the seventh of Walk 1913. Katsura carried on with her life under the oversight of her mom particularly when her dad kicked the bucket. Her mom additionally encouraged her to play pool.

“I had a feeble body and felt tired constantly,” Katsura said. “So my mom empowered I play pool to assist me with getting activity and develop my fortitude.”

The 1920s saw pool rooms were exceptionally well known in Tokyo. The sibling of Katsura’s in-regulation possessed one. At the point when she initially got the signal, Katsura found her ability for the game. Then, at that point, it wasn’t well before Katsura started working in the pool lobby and playing every day.

Since her absolute first days, Katsura had a skill for making a stunt shot.

At 15 years old, Katsura was delegated at 15 years old, she won the Japanese ladies’ straight-rail champion. The young person’s ability got interest from Japan’s ongoing hero Kinrey Matsuyama. Matsuyama was Katsura’s mentor, and acquainted her with billiards with three pads.
Commercial from the Long Ocean side Press-Wire in 1953 for a show that highlighted Masako Katsura.

The troublesome game requested precision. The players needed to raise a ruckus around town of the rail multiple times utilizing the signal ball, while likewise hitting two items balls. All that players can score two-digit focuses inside a solitary round. Best on the planet Hoppe holds the record for the most noteworthy scoring turn with a score of 25 places.

It was a game famous for its power. Players pummeled their signs into the balls to score more focuses. In any case, Katsura acquainted polish with the game.

Masako Katsura Moves To America

The Second Great War stopped Katsura’s expert billiards vocation. In the long stretches of war she played out a performance show for Japanese soldiers. Following the conflict, she changed her consideration regarding performing Billiard stunts to American troopers.

The exhibitions sent off Katsura’s worldwide vocation.

A solitary American G.I. composed for his folks, billiards legend Welker Cochran, concerning Masako Katsura. He said, “This young lady is superior to you!” Cochran connected with Katsura, asking Katsura to come to the U.S.

Before that, Katsura brought home the public ladies’ billiards title and started playing in the public men’s title.

Starting around 1951 Katsura moved to California. She found something else entirely than the pool corridors of Tokyo. Ladies in the nation of origin worked and played in a bunch of Pool corridors. In any case, American the pool rooms were male’s specialized topic.

“I have met only one female player in the time I’ve been here,” Katsura conceded. “Here the pool room is viewed as a male’s spot … That is correct it would be great assuming you had the billiards parlor to be only for ladies it would be really smart.”

The Billiards World is Changing Into A Worldwide Sensation

Masako Katsura soared onto the Billiard scene during the 1950s, and immediately laid down a good foundation for herself as a legend. Champion Welker Cochran turned into Katsura’s director.

Cochran was cited in the press “The game has consistently required a competitor who is sufficiently talented to rival the best of male players. The fact that we have precisely that makes besides, me sure.”

Katsura immediately stood out as truly newsworthy. The media appeared to think often more about her orientation instead of her ability. The paper considered her boss the “genuine Japanese prompt tee.”

Someone else portrayed Katsura just like a “young lady … she’s a little wispy lady who shows up as though she has inconvenience in eliminating a plume, be that as it may, she can make billiard balls detonate, or act as though she were a kid.”

Different players from the billiards world showed Katsura more noteworthy regard. Willie Hoppe announced, “In the East they said that she was awesome However I didn’t anticipate seeing something like this. The young lady is astonishing. She’s certain to be winning her reasonable part of games against the absolute best of them.”

Bain News Administrations/Library the CongressBilliards Champion Willie Hoppe in his young days, around. 1910s.

The media covered a broadly advertised 1952 game that highlighted Hoppe Katsura and Hoppe Katsura in an unexpected way. Hoppe was a best on the planet. Katsura was a thin Japanese lady.

“No courteous fellow ought to an outsider and not to mention a perfectly adjusted youthful be treated as a person woman wearing the gold silk outfit of a night like Willie Hoppe missed Masako Katsura the previous evening,” the San Francisco Narrative distributed. “He hit her with a decent billiard sign and did it with a pool prompt.”

In spite of not having the option to challenge Hoppe as title holder Katsura left a mark on the world as the main female to play in a global billiards occasion.

FAQs on Masako Katsura
Is Masako still alive?

Masako was a bum when he died at 82 years old back in 1995. This implies that Masako is perished however living at this point. What’s more, there are various phony cases and pieces of gossip with respect to the period of Masako and are bogus since she spent away a few times prior. The arrangement of occasions introduced her actual picture , and the years to be.

Look at Ashlesha Thakur’s Wiki Memoir, Age, Level Total assets, Sweetheart Movies, Family, Profession and the sky is the limit from there.

What is the motivation behind why Masako not notable?

Masako is explicitly applauded for her titleof “Lady of Billiards” when she contended in the overall billiards rivalry as the top ladies’ hopeful. Here she acquired the title and everybody was awed by the work she performed.

Starting there forward, Masako started to partake in different social events and individuals started to know about her appearance.

Was Masako a blissful youngster?

As indicated by a couple of sources saying the way that she had lost her dad quite early in life, she was not the most cheerful. Here she began lamenting, notwithstanding, this was trailed by a progression of different occasions all through her regular routine that ignited an interest for sports.

How could she begin her excursion in the in any case?

Masako Katsura, not at all like Beth Harmon she was not a vagrant, despite the fact that her dad died at twelve years old years old. She later was moved in with her mom and kin, who’s significant other claimed the billiards shop. She began investing energy at the parlor at 13 years of age, she was utilized by his organization as a billiard orderly. Because of her advantage she took in the essentials of billiards and gave her a billiard table given at her home.

What’s the point whether she didn’t get the title of best on the planet?

Look at the work she performed for ladies who played pool or different games with prompts. She made it workable for ladies to participate in these games. She addresses what it is to be a trailblazer. She was awed by each moment of her acclaimed life. She was adored by her fans and was cherished by them. It’s challenging to get a handle on the fact that she meant quite a bit to the current world by 2021. Preceding when Katsura was conceived, watching ladies play prompt games or even ladies in snooker and pool lobbies was viewed as an embarrassment and many individuals loathed the idea. That she had the option to make it happen, and got commendation and reverence for it is confirmation of the sort, awesome clever, strong soul she was.


This closes our investigation of Masako Katsura with an exhaustive survey. The vast majority what die’s identity is cleared off of the records and recollections in any case, some are living. Indeed, even after so long, people like Masako stay in the memory of others.

She was a persona that acquired unmistakable quality somewhat recently, and afterward was gone in the next 100 years. However, she is known for her excellent exhibition in the round of Billiards. In a world game, she addressed ladies of all countries world.

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