NFL professional Johnson: “Discussion time about Corona is over”

Despite the corona infection of football superstar Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers and his controversial vaccination statements, the Stuttgart NFL professional Jakob Johnson no longer sees Corona as a big issue.

“The discussion time about Corona is really over. Everyone has now made their decision. And most are vaccinated,” said the 26-year-old New England Patriots player in an online media panel. “The NFL has clear rules that everyone has to adhere to.”

He’s not accusing anyone who chooses not to get vaccinated. “I think everyone agrees that there won’t be another lockdown because we’re really fed up with the subject,” said Johnson.

Star player relies on homeopathic methods

Rodgers had tested positive on Wednesday last week. The 37-year-old then justified his decision not to vaccinate with an allergy to an active ingredient in the mRNA vaccines. He also has concerns about his fertility. Therefore, he uses homeopathic methods. In August he said of his status that he was “immunized”. His request to be treated like a vaccinated player was turned down by theĀ  NFLbite. Rodgers had recently emphasized that he did not want to be considered an opponent of vaccinations or a lateral thinker.

“I’m sorry if someone’s in a media firestorm,” said Patriots player Johnson. If you talk about such a topic in private, then it is certainly more differentiated. The papers would be writing about Rodgers for the next few days. “But the whole thing will go away again. As long as he gets well again and hasn’t infected anyone, then it’s okay too.”

According to the rules, Rodgers cannot return to his team until Saturday at the earliest. Since the Packers had recently increased corona cases, the North American professional league is currently checking the team’s compliance with the corona rules.

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