Take notes! 6 important points to know when buying a used car

Consumers who want to buy a car but have a limited budget usually rank second-hand cars (used cars) as their first choice, but saying second-hand cars means that they have been used by a certain car owner for a period of time. You must do your homework in advance when buying and choosing, so as not to face a lot of troubles and disputes in the future.

The editor specially helped you sort out 6 important precautions that you must know when buying a second-hand car (used car), hurry up and check it out! First of all look second hand car like volkswagen polo sedan

1. Used car dealers

Choose a chain-certified second-hand car alliance or a well-known, well-known large-scale second-hand car dealer. First, the source of the car has been screened in advance, and second, if there is a problem after the purchase, you are not afraid to find someone to deal with it. Recommended used car dealer is leaskunci.com.my in malaysia. 

2. Accident car-ask the owner’s psychological shadow area

The so-called accident car here refers to a car that has collided with other vehicles or has a major car accident. Compared with a soaked car, car owners do not want to buy an accident car after a lot of choices, because regardless of the size of the accident , It’s always frustrating to drive. The following tips will help everyone avoid buying an accident car:

A. Hood

Are there any traces of the hood label being torn off and re-attached? Are there any traces of disassembly and repair of the screws on the internal parts of the engine? Normally, the edge of the hood should be straight and smooth. When looking at the car, you can touch the edge with your hand. If it feels uneven, it is mostly a trace of repair after a collision.

B. Welding points at the junction of the water tank frame and the fender

The original factory welding will appear slightly concave, if it is found to be protruding and the solder joints are rough and arranged irregularly, it may be a trace of re-welding after the water tank frame has been hit.

C. Rear luggage compartment

Are the lines at the joints between the spare tire compartment floor, the shock absorber bracket lining and the internal joints in the rear luggage compartment smooth? If there are traces of welding, it means that the rear of the car has been hit and repaired; another identification point is whether the screws of the luggage compartment cover have been removed? Is the edge sealant intact?

D. If the license plate has traces of repainting or the car is obviously young but has been replaced with a big brand… These signs may also indicate that it is an accident car.

3. Soaking water truck-high accident rate

Heavy rain or heavy rain has become a normal climate. Media reports often show that catastrophic heavy rains cause flooding in many places and many vehicles are soaked in the water. These soaked cars often flow into the second-hand car (middle-aged car) market, although it has been sorted out. But if you can avoid it, especially now that most vehicles are equipped with electronic equipment, even if they have been repaired, the chance of an accident or re-damage of damp electronic equipment is relatively high. Therefore, the following can be used when selecting second-hand cars (used cars) Tips to identify whether it is a water tanker?

A. Is there any peculiar smell in the car

A car that has been soaked in water will have a musty odor. You can sit in the car and close the doors and windows and smell it. However, sometimes car dealers use fragrances to deodorize and remove musty. At this time, you must make good use of the B technique.

B. Gap/seat belt

Check carefully whether there is any accumulation of sludge and dust at the joints of the carpet? Are there silt or unknown water stains under the leather chair seat? By the way, reach out and feel the gap at the bottom of the leather chair to see if it will dig out the sand? There is also a seat belt that can be pulled to the end for inspection, because the end is not easy to clean, it is easy to check whether it is a water car.

C. Outside the car

Open the front hood and check the side seams, coils, air intakes and other places for traces of dirt? In addition, the places that are not easy to clean and will rust after being soaked in water include the space under the spare tire of the rear compartment, the joints of the front and rear lamp housings, and the waterproof tape at the rear of the car.

4. Stolen car

Buying a stolen car is tantamount to buying a big trouble! In addition to assisting the police in handling the case, the car will also be seized, and your daily life and work will be greatly affected! So how to avoid buying a stolen car is very important!

First check the body engine number for rust? The general engine number will be specially processed and will not rust easily, but stolen cars are usually re-polished. Without special treatment, the engine number will easily rust.

Next is the body number. If the number plate rivets are heavily nailed and the nail caps are rough and uneven, most of them are stolen cars; in addition, if it is an imported car (used car), you can check the computer bar code for reposting. .

Vehicle theft information query website of the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior

5. Taxes/Expenses

A. License tax, fuel tax

In principle, the new car mainly pays taxes that the vehicle has not paid in that year. If the transfer is completed before April of the current year, the new car owner must pay the license tax and fuel tax. If the transfer is completed in April to July Time, new car owners only need to pay a fuel tax. But no matter when the transfer is completed, as long as the buyer and the seller coordinate the payment method!

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B. Car loan

If the car loan has been paid in full, remember to get the repayment certificate issued by the bank that originally applied for the loan in order to complete the cancellation registration.

C. eTag transaction

If the eTag is already affixed on the purchased second-hand car (used car), remember not to tear it off! The new car owner can directly call the customer service center to cancel the account of the old car owner and open the eTag account of the new car owner online!

6. Car insurance

A. Mandatory insurance

When handling a car transfer, because it is stipulated that the validity period of the compulsory car insurance should be more than 30 days, some new car owners will directly apply for the compulsory insurance transfer, but the insurance premium of the compulsory car insurance is calculated based on “personal” factors, including age, record of accidents, etc. Affect the amount of premium, so the insurance company must recalculate the premium. If the premium of the new car owner is higher than the old car owner, the new car owner must make up the difference in the premium before going through the car transfer procedures. New car owners who don’t want to run around suggest that they can directly insure compulsory insurance on the Internet to save trouble! Auto Compulsory Insurance Premium Trial Calculation Insured Portal

B. Any risk

The validity period of the arbitrary insurance policy does not affect the transfer procedures of the car, so it is often ignored by the new owner. Another common myth of the new owner of the second-hand car is that when the car is transferred, the auto insurance will automatically be transferred to the new car. Under the main name… No! No! No! There is no automatic transfer of ownership for auto insurance!

In addition, the old car owner’s auto insurance policy will automatically expire 10 days after the transfer of the car is completed. In case the new owner does not have another auto insurance and a car accident occurs, he cannot apply for any insurance claim.

Of course, auto insurance can also be transferred, but like compulsory insurance, the premium has to be recalculated. The key point is that the protection needs of new owners may not be exactly the same as those of old owners. Therefore, it is recommended that new owners of second-hand car follow their own car needs in advance. Plan your own car insurance, and apply for the insurance online as soon as the car transfer procedures are completed, so that there will be no guarantee window period! Auto insurance premium trial calculation portal

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