The Best iPhone Chargers Near Me

There are a few different brands of iPhone chargers. The top ones are Anker, Mophie, OtterBox, Satechi, and more. The best ones will fit your budget and needs perfectly. Read on to learn about these different brands. After reading through their reviews, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect one for you.


The Anker iPhone charger is a breakthrough device in the accessory industry. Using PowerIQ 4.0 technology, this product continuously adjusts power distribution to ensure each USB port receives adequate power. This allows you to charge your device quickly and easily. With this new feature, your iPhone or iPad will stay charged for longer.

The Anker iPhone charger is a $10 to $20 cheaper alternative to some competitors. In addition to the iPhone charger, the company also offers multi-port wall plugs and portable chargers. Anker has a unique business model that capitalizes on consumer demand. Its products have expanded from a niche market in cables to include the automotive and smart home markets.

The Anker iPhone Charger Cable is made of durable braided strands that provide a high-speed connection. It has MFi certification and is compatible with most Apple devices. It is also bend and pressure-tested to guarantee safety and longevity. For example, the Anker iPhone Charger Cable is rated for 12,000 bends, which means it will last a long time.

The Anker PowerPort III Nano has a USB-C port, which makes it compatible with many different mobile devices. It charges most phones in half an hour and even powers Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging system. It is an inexpensive and compact charging solution that charges a phone’s battery from zero to 50% within a few minutes.

The Anker Nano uses 20W charging power and is half the size of a standard 5-watt charger. It charges an iPhone 12 in 25 minutes – a remarkable speed. It can even charge an iPhone 12 Pro twice as fast as a standard 5W charger. The Anker Nano weighs about the same as an AA battery.


The Mophie iPhone charger is a handy, portable travel device that charges your iPhone and protects it while it charges. The triple-port charger folds into a neat square, while the included charging case neatly tucks the cable and charger into place. This iPhone charger is currently an Apple Store exclusive, but it will soon be available direct from mophie.

Mophie juice packs offer a 2000mAh battery, which means you can enjoy up to 72 hours of music playback, 25 hours of talktime, and 17 hours of video playback. The battery pack is designed for protection and is made from tough polycarbonate. It also gives you access to your phone’s lightning port, unlike the Apple Smart Battery Case, which blocks it.

The Mophie charging mat supports Qi wireless technology, which means that charging your iPhone happens immediately. The mat works with cases up to 3mm thick, and even has a small LED light for charging your AirPods. The charger is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch models. The Mophie iPhone charger is worth its price, and we recommend it highly.

The Mophie charger is an officially certified MagSafe accessory. Apple also gives the charger its MFi certification, which ensures that it is compatible with your device. That means you can use your iPhone wirelessly with 15W of power, which is twice as much as other competing wireless chargers. This means that your iPhone will last longer, and you’ll be able to charge it faster. In addition, you can purchase a wall adapter to plug the Mophie charger into your wall outlet.

The Mophie iPhone charger is available in a variety of sizes and prices. The smallest one is a tri-fold design that is held closed by magnets. It opens with a faux-leather tab that features the Mophie logo. It’s small enough to fit on a small bedside table. The charger is constructed with GaN technology and comes with a two-metre USB-C cable.

The Mophie iPhone charger is designed to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The charger has four LED lights on the back, and a power button for your convenience. It’s also compatible with Apple’s MagSafe. The MagSafe Duo is another option, which costs $130. While charging your Apple Watch, the MagSafe Duo is designed to charge the Apple Watch.


The OtterBox iPhone charger is a convenient way to keep your phone charged and ready to go. With a rugged case and integrated MagSafe case, you can use it with any case. It has a 7.5W push-out power that makes charging your phone quick and easy. The charger also charges faster than a normal 15W charger, which means your iPhone will be fully charged within four to five hours.

The OtterBox iPhone charger features a single USB-C port, and can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. It also comes with a standardized two-meter USB-C cable. OtterBox has been in the mobile industry for 20 years, so you can trust their expertise and dependability.

OtterBox’s Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe is another great way to charge your iPhone. It features MagSafe compatibility on both sides and dual-direction USB-C port. This charger can even charge your AirPods. It is also compatible with wireless chargers and features a two-sided magnet inside. You can even mount it to a wall for additional charging convenience.

OtterBox has a unique design and has received all of the necessary certifications for safety and durability. It looks a lot like Belkin’s charging station, but it has some differences that set it apart from the rest. Its matte aluminum cover is similar to Belkin’s, but it also has a silicone foot to prevent the phone from slipping. The charging station tilts from vertical to horizontal, and a MagSafe puck allows you to adjust the position of your device.


A new line of Apple iPhone chargers from Satechi is now available. These chargers support Apple’s new iPhone 13 line-up and feature the latest power delivery technology. The Satechi chargers also feature a MagSafe compatible mount, and can simultaneously charge three compatible Apple devices at once.

The Satechi charger features a ring of real aluminum that complements the color of your phone. You can buy the charging case in Space Gray, rose gold, or black. The charging case is also designed with a throwback element reminiscent of the iPhone’s early days: a chamfered edge.

You can also save 20 percent off wireless chargers and enjoy free shipping on orders over $40. The Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station is priced at just $48 (down from $60), making it an excellent value if you have multiple devices. The docking station features five USB ports and a Qi wireless charging pad.

In January, Satechi announced the first MagSafe compatible multi-device charger. This model comes with a floating magnetic mount for the iPhone 12 and a dedicated spot for wirelessly charging Apple AirPods. It costs $60 and is made of steel, aluminum, and plastic. The magnetic wireless charging stand is another great addition to the Satechi lineup.

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