What Are Some of the Positives Emerged After Covid-19?

On 31st December 2019, China reported the first confirmed case of Coronavirus. Since then, it has been spreading at a rapid pace. There are a lot of negative impacts of Covid-19. As a result of Covid-19, almost every country in the world faced severe consequences. Countries imposed lockdown restrictions, and it disturbed the normal day life of individuals. Apart from this, there are a lot of negative impacts of Covid-19. Almost every country imposed a travel ban, and it affected the global supply chain as well. Death and unemployed was rising in every country. But, there are some positive sides that emerged after Covid-19. These outcomes have long term positive impacts on humanity. This article aims to discuss some of the positives that emerged after Covid-19. Let’s discuss in detail:

The Environment:

The very first positive impact of Covid-19 is on the environment. Most of the countries imposed severe lockdown restrictions. As mentioned earlier, there was a travel ban, and it affected the global supply chain. As a result of lockdown, industries were not working as they were working before Covid-19. Carbon emissions went down all over the world. China is one of the major countries in Carbon emission. The country recorded 85% in good air quality between January and March. Canals of Venice appeared clear after the tourist activities were on a halt. Fishes and other wildlife started returning. Apart from this, biodiversity started returning to other parts of the planet.


Another positive impact of Covid-19 is peace. It has been raising the hopes for fewer battles and conflicts. As a result of this, it will increase peace. The United Nations requested the member countries to avoid their ongoing conflicts. It will help us all to fight against a single enemy. Secretary-General António Guterres also said the same thing. He said that we should put the armed conflict on lockdown. Several regions of the world saw the prevalence of peace. Saudi Arabia declared a ceasefire against Houthi rebels in Yemen. Though, there are a lot of regions in the world that are still under conflict. But, a stronger lockdown conditions can lead them to less violence.


According to a dissertation writing service, the third positive outcome of Covid-19 is a sense of community and cohesion. We might be busy with our daily life. There is always a little time to meet and interact with our loved ones. Due to lockdown conditions, self-isolation challenged the whole world. We got to know the importance of relationships and interaction. People all over the world are exploring different means of communication and interaction. Italy is one of those countries that experienced the worst conditions. But, people are joining neighbors from their balconies to create music. They are enjoying street dance parties after maintaining their social distance. People are using different social media applications to get in touch with others. They are using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for developing friendly relations. These applications are helping them to get in touch with people they were not seeing for a long period of time.


We all know that Covid-19 disturbed the major markets of the world. Due to lockdown conditions, the global supply chain also got disturbed. So, it led almost all sectors of the economy to new levels of innovations. Many businesses started reinventing themselves. They have adopted new business philosophy. They have even named it as business as “unusual”. Restaurants are promoting takeaway facilities. Apart from this, the technology sector experienced the most rapid changes. Many businesses have introduced the digitalization of their products. They are now offering their products online to their customers. They all are adopting these innovations to stay in the competition and the business. It is also helping them to reinvent their business models. This reinvention of business models is also helping them to grow.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Another positive side of Covid-19 is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is a test for leading businesses on how seriously they take their CSR. Apart from this, it will help them to know how they are communicating with their stakeholders. The employees, customers and the environment are the most important aspect of CSR. People will know hat how they are taking care of all these aspects. They are now even taking care of affected people. They are giving them food and donations. Some of the companies are supporting the healthcare sector and workers. Companies like McDonald’s are offering free coffee to healthcare staff. Apart from this, Johnson & Johnson is offering free masks to the public. There are some companies that are supporting their customers.


One of the most positive sides of Covid-19 is education. It has brought a massive transformation and innovation in the education field. Due to lockdown conditions, all schools, colleges and universities got closed. But, the administration resumed the educational activities via digitalization. Now teachers from all over the world are digitalizing their classrooms. They are offering online education. Apart from this, they are promoting task-based and self-led learning. Covid-19 has changed the concept of education. It has led us from traditional classroom learnings to home-based learnings. Online education is becoming a new means of learning. It is also helping parents to know what their kids are doing. It is also helping them to know what they know and how they are performing. Universities are also promoting remote learning. They are engaging students to resume their educational activities.


There are always two sides to a picture; positive and negative. You need to see both sides. This article discussed the positive side of Covid-19. There are a lot of positive things that happened in the past two years. It is helping to improve the environment. Due to lockdown conditions, the air quality is improving. It is also helping to promote peace. Most of the world countries joined their hand to fight against Covid-19. It has brought innovations in almost every field. It has changed the nature of education. It has led the education to home-based learning. So, these were a few of the positives of Covid-19.

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