Wholesale Polo Sports Shirts – Types to Consider

Polo shirts have a few other names, such as tennis and golf shirts. Usually, they feature a collar and a placket with 2 or 3 buttons. You can also find pockets in some polo shirts. These shirts feature bold colors, simple patterns, or stripes. Manufacturers deploy knitted cloth to manufacture polo shirts. Pique cotton, interlock cotton, merino wool, silk, or synthetic fibers are typical materials to produce polo shirts. Many men and women invest in wholesale polo sports shirts in different types because of their affordability and attractiveness. Many major clothing brands also exist for buyers to consider and invest in polo shirts. Yet, wholesale polo shirts are the choice of many men and women.

How Can You Wear Polo Sports Shirts?

Usually, polo shirts look great with jeans and dress pants. Polo shirts originated as sporty articles of clothing. Today, you can find many people wearing these shirts casually and semi-formally. You can choose your desired polo shirts from a variety of options available online to wear and stand out. Most people are familiar with short-sleeve pique polo shirts. However, many variants for these popular articles of clothing exist for men and women to consider and buy. 

The Most Popular Polo Sports Shirts for Men and Women:-

The following are the most popular types of polo sports shirts for men and women to consider and buy:

  1. Short-Sleeve Polo Shirts: Generally, people know about short-sleeve polo shirts. Manufacturers utilize various materials to make these polo shirts in distinct colors and patterns. Nevertheless, the basic structure of these polo shirts remains the same irrespective of their material types. Here are the features of short-sleeve polo sports shirts:
  • Short-sleeves with finished hems usually
  • Shorter torso length and longer in the back at times.
  • Gentle and unstructured collar
  • Quarter length placket with one to four buttons

Usually, men and women wear these polo shirts as untucked. It doesn’t mean you can wear these items as tucked. Men and women are familiar with short sleeve pique polo shirts that fall into this type. These polo sports shirts have more weight than t-shirts with plenty of drape. These polo shirts have textured fabric with a little bit of natural stretch.

  1. Pima Cotton Polo Shirts: You can also call these polo shirts lightweight polos. More often than not, manufacturers deploy lightweight cotton to produce these items. People prefer it wearing like a t-shirt, in contrast to pique polo shirts. You can also find these polo shirts, made of poly/cotton blends or performance fabrics. Many athletic and golf apparel brands deploy performance fabrics to manufacture Pima cotton wholesale polo sports shirts. Performance fabrics enhance the flexibility and moisture-wicking capabilities of polo shirts for athletes and golfers.
  1. Pique Polo Shirts: Of course, the most common type of polo shirts are pique polo shirts. They have earned this name because of the fabric that manufacturers deploy to produce them. You may have one of these polo shirts in your closet already. Pique polo shirts are durable with a bit of natural built-in stretch. Polo shirt enthusiasts wear and keep these polo shirts owing to their long-lastingness. Many top polo shirt brands produce pique polo shirts for customers besides blank apparel brands. 
  1. Long-Sleeve Polo Shirts: Long-sleeve polo shirts are different from short-sleeve polo shirts because of their full-length sleeves. You will find sleeve length for these polo shirts, identical to sweaters and button-up shirts. However, long-sleeve polo shirts look completely different than short-sleeve polo shirts. Button-down collars, structured collars, and buttoning sleeve cuffs distinguish them from short-sleeve polos at times. These polo shirts are relatively casual and more suitable for the fall or winter. You might have guessed: Why? To provide extra coverage to their users.
  1. Wool Polo Shirts: Wool polo shirts are the dressier version of long-sleeve polo shirts. You will find these polo shirts resembling merino wool V-neck sweaters but with collars and button plackets. These polo shirts look great on users as they are or layered. Superb comfort is what these polo shirts offer to polo shirt wearers in cooler months. Nonetheless, these polo shirts are not as durable as pique polo shirts.
  1. Golf Polo shirts: Typically, these polo shirts feature short-sleeves for movement. You will usually find these polos, made of performance fabrics to offer built-in stretch to golfers. Besides, these polo shirts feature fabrics with useful attributes for golfers. For instance, you will find many of these polo shirts, moisture-wicking, and temperature-resistant. You can conveniently find these wholesale polo sports shirts to stand out on a golf course. The supreme comfort and functionality are what golf polo shirts offer athletes. Thus, many brands manufacture these high-class polo sports shirts for athletes.
  1. Rugby Polo Shirts: Rugby polo shirts are long-lasting, and heavyweight long-sleeve polo shirts. Generally, these polo shirts feature broad horizontal stripes in alternating colors. You will also find these polo shirts in contrasting colors and cuffs more often than not. For instance, you can find a rugby polo shirt in red and blue stripes with a white collar and cuffs. 

Brands You May Consider To Buy Wholesale Polo Shirts:-

You can consider various brands to invest in wholesale polo shirts of the types we have mentioned. Some of the reputable brands you may consider to choose and buy wholesale polo shirts entail Sports-Tek, CornerStone, UltraClub, and Edwards. You may also consider more budget-friendly brands to buy wholesale polo shirts, such as Gildan and Hanes.


Polo shirts have other names, as well, such as tennis or golf shirts. Many men and women proudly invest in these casual and semi-formal articles of clothing. Typically, polo shirts look great with dress pants and jeans. The seven most popular types of wholesale polo sports shirts are as follows:

  1. Short-sleeve polo shirts, with which many men and women are familiar with.
  2. Pima cotton polo shirts, also known as lightweight polo shirts.
  3. Pique cotton polo shirts, many polo shirt users invest in these.
  4. Long-sleeve polo shirts, identical to short-sleeve polo shirts except for sleeves.
  5. Wool polo shirts, dressier version of long-sleeve polo shirts.
  6. Golf polo shirts, a popular choice for athletes.
  7. Lastly, rugby polo shirts, which are long-lasting, heavyweight, and long-sleeve simultaneously.   

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