Why Should You Feed Your Pet Raw Pet Food?

Most pet owners carefully plan their pet’s diet and choose the best, most reliable food options available in the market. While the feeding habits and preferences can differ from one pet to another, there are several established guidelines available today to help pet parents make the right decisions for their fur babies. Most experts recommend feeding pets a mixture of raw and dried food to ensure the animals get good nutrition and maintain good health over the long term. However, several of them agree that raw food is better than dried kibble. Here’s a look at some reasons why experts believe you should give your pet Primal raw food:

1. Better Overall Health

Raw food has fewer processed ingredients and additives, which makes it a better alternative to traditional dried kibble. You can provide a flavorful and delicious meal to your pet and ensure they get all of the nutrition they need. Most experts agree that Primal raw pet food can help improve the pet’s coat, energy levels, and overall well-being. As long as you source the food carefully, you won’t need to worry about health problems or illnesses stemming from the meals. A balanced diet with a combination of raw food and kibble will ensure your pet is eating nutritionally-dense meals every time. 

If you want to ensure your pet is active and healthy, consider adding good-quality raw food to their diet. However, you need to make sure the food is from reliable manufacturers. Don’t use raw food straight from your fridge as it may not be appropriate.

2. Lower Risk of Allergens and Food Sensitivity 

Some pets are more sensitive than others and don’t react well to certain ingredients in kibble. It is safer and healthier to feed them raw food that would be a natural part of their diet. While dogs and cats are now domesticated and raw removed from their wilder ancestors, they still find it easier to handle raw food than any processed chemical. If your pet eats poorly or doesn’t react well to regular pet food, try switching to freeze-dried nuggets with meat like turkey, salmon, rabbit, etc. 

Sometimes pet owners need to experiment with different types of food to find the right balance for their pets. What works for one pet may not work for another so it is a good idea to try different things first. Once you have managed to nail what your pets like, you don’t need to worry about their overall well-being or dietary issues. Primal raw food is one of the best sources of nutrition without any filler ingredients to cause problems down the line. 

3. Better Hydration 

Even freeze-dried raw food provides better hydration and supports proper urinary tract function compared to regular kibble. Pets with more raw food in their diet often drink less water and aren’t as susceptible to urinary tract complications, which is one of the reasons why experts recommend Primal raw food.

4. Less Poop

Dry pet food often contains ingredients like peas, corn, or grains that aren’t easy to digest. More often than not, these ingredients end up being expelled from the body. Pets on a purely dried food diet poop more often and their stool can be inconsistent. Pets on a raw food diet consume easily-digestible food like organs, meat, bone, etc. More of the ingredients are broken down and absorbed by the body, used up to create fuel that keeps your pet active. Pets on a raw food diet often have small and firm stools that decompose quickly. 

A good digestive system and great stool is an indication that your pet’s diet is well-balanced. By incorporating raw food into their diet, you can see a visible improvement in your pet’s activity levels and overall health.

As you can see, there are several benefits to adopting Primal raw food into your pet’s diet. Follow the vet’s instructions when you switch diets to ensure your pet doesn’t experience any side effects. 

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